They’re Baaaaccckkkk: The 2022 Super Bowl Clydesdale Commercial is HERE!

That’s right, horse lovers. The Budweiser Clydesdales are back for Super Bowl LVI. Even if you aren’t a football fan — heck, even if you’re not a Budweiser fan — you can get excited about this commercial.

Say what you want about the internet and social media, but one thing that is great about it is the early access to things like the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial — with Clydesdales and dogs!!!

This year’s commercial is titled “A Clydesdale’s Journey,” and the entire premise is that “In the home of the brave, down never means out” (because, you know… America).

So, here’s the thing. Even though we’re total suckers for running horses, labradors, and beautiful backdrops, we are left with … questions. Like, first, we just watched this awesome horse WRECK itself on a barbed wire fence out on the range. I want to know this: why is Bud booking it across the range where there is a bunch barbed wire fence in the first place?

Quick side note — we totally feel this guy’s pain when the vet shakes her head and gives him this look:

That look means two things:

  1. This ain’t good.
  2. Your bill ain’t small.

Okay, back to my next question: What’s happening with this leg wrap? Did the vet do this? The cowboy? The dog who seems to be overseeing this whole situation? Whoever did it needs some lessons. It distracted me…

Of course Budweiser has to try to tug at our heartstrings, so we see poor Bud the injured Clydesdale struggling in his impressively clean stall (I need the name of their barn workers). He’s on his knees, he can’t get up, and just when all seems lost, he busts out of his stall and goes galloping across the winter landscape. Because in the home of the brave, down never means out…

So, this brings up more questions. What happened to the leg wrap? Bad though it may have been, having nursed my share of injured legs and wounds, that doesn’t just … go away. The vet has you keep that up for eternity. Also, what sort of treatment has Bud been getting in the time it took for him to go from injured on the range to busting out of stalls? Didn’t he just shred a tendon, get a huge laceration, and develop a bunch of proudflesh in the process? So, is he healed or is he racking up more vet bills? Is the vet about to give the cowboy more devastating looks?

To be fair, the part of this that does seem very plausible is poor stall-bound Bud going ape-$h!t and busting out of his stall. Because without some magnesium, tryptophan, reserpine, ace, and an exorcism, that’s about how stall rest has gone for most of my dragons.


So, jaded, critical horse person though I may be, I’m still thrilled to see the Clydesdales back in action. Hopefully they won’t be taking a break anytime soon.

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