11 Black Equestrian Instagram Accounts You Have to Follow

February is Black History Month. We’re always committed to inclusion and diversity in Equestrian sport, and we can think of no better time to highlight these awesome Black equestrian Instagram accounts. If you’re not already following them, you should be. 

Saddle Up and Read

Two-thirds of kids in America who aren’t reading proficiently in fourth grade will end up on welfare or in jail. This disproportionately affects children of color.  So Saddle Up and Read, a nonprofit based out of North Carolina, uses equine activities to encourage youth to achieve literary excellence. Their Instagram account highlights their events and shows the great work they are doing in their community.

Black Reins Magazine

This account is associated with Black Reins Magazine, a publication dedicated to Black equestrians, horsemen and women, cowboys and farmers. The account features Black equestrians of all disciplines and has some awesome photos.


This is the account of Brianna Noble, the Black equestrian whose photo went viral during the Black Lives Matter protests. Noble’s account covers everything from her presence at BLM protests to barn hacks to to training tips to beautiful shots from around her ranch, Mulatto Meadows. Mulatto Meadows is the home of Humble, “Humble,” a non-profit organization that provides equine (and outdoors) access for inner-city Bay Area residents.

The Compton Cowboys

The byline in the biography of the Compton Cowboys says, “Streets Raised Us. Horses Saved Us. 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎” That sums up the organization and the account. The Compton Cowboys works to keep kids on horses and off the streets. The account covers everything from photos of equestrians riding at the Compton-based facility to members of the Compton Cowboys engaging in community advocacy.

Black Equestrians

Black Equestrians focuses on featuring — you guessed it! — Black equestrians and promoting pertinent social issues. This account has everything from stunning and inspiring photos to pieces of information that highlight systemic inequality. Plus, this month, Black Equestrians has been featuring plenty of Black history.

Sisters Horsing Around

This account is run by Emily and Sarah Harris, who serve as “Your Equestrian Guides.” Their aim is to provide a fun, engaging, informative and educational resource for horse information. Between videos and cool photos, this account is fun and informative.

Young Black Equestrians

This account corresponds with an incredible podcast, both of which highlight the passion, culture and lifestyle of the Black equestrian industry. The goal is to empower, uplift and highlight Black Equestrians across the globe.

Kizi Photography

Okay, so this account isn’t straight equestrian, but has incredible photosThe colors in these images are mind-blowing. I could scroll this account all day long. Oh, yeah. And there are horses.

Cool Ridings

Cool Ridings was founded by international eventer Lydia Heywood with the goal of increasing representation and access within equestrian sport. After all, “Children can’t be what they don’t see.” This account features young riders and aims to celebrate, support and encourage diversity in the equestrian world.

Cowgirl Chanel

This account is run by Chanel Rhodes, the founder of  @manetressescc (another great account follow), so she posts a combination of rad photos highlighting her and her horse’s fabulous tresses and some great reels.

Equestrian Noire

Equestrian Noire was the vision of Jamillah, a novice rider who fell in love with equestrian culture overnight. She is the proud owner of an Arabian mare and launched Equestrian Noire as a creative outlet to celebrate horses and horsemanship of all disciplines. She orchestrates each Equestrian Noire shoot with lavish costumes, vivid landscapes, and a variety of horse breeds, resulting in images bursting with grace, elegance, and beauty.

What accounts did we miss? Do you follow an awesome account from a Black equestrian? Let us know in the Facebook comments.