Reader Photo Challenge: Transformation Photos

Enjoy these eight horse transformation photos!

This week we asked to see horses that were blossoming. Whether it was over a few months or a couple years, we wanted to see those transformation photos. Here are eight horses and their glow ups!

First photo taken April 2019. Second photo taken June 2020. Photos taken by Jessica Lynn.

First photo taken in 2017 by Amy Lynn Paulus. Second photo taken in 2021 by Audrey Anderson.

Transformation photos by Ursula Dreaded.

Ninety day transformation photos by Brianna King.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Wheeler Price.

Six month transformation photos taken by Rebecca Kelley.

Photo courtesy of Kristi Ezell-Powers.

One year difference. Photos by Hanna Thueson.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.