Reader Photo Challenge: Magnificent Manes

Enjoy these 10 photos of horses with magnificent manes!

This week we asked to see those horses who were blessed with long, flowing manes. Here are 10 horses with magnificent manes!

Photo by Gail Praharenka

Photo by Theresa Hansen

Photo by Tom Balazs

Photo of Amos the Wonder Horse by Shelly Mizrahi.

Photo of Tickles by Marissa Beach.

Photo by Bobbie Grenier

Photo of Blueberry the Muffin by Natalie Jo Hawes.

Photo of King the Belgian by Lorin Nation.

Photo of Paso Fino Stallion El Gran Almirante by Nora Beatriz.

Photo by Amy Lakatos Leavenworth

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.