SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Equine Stocking-Stuffers

These awesome low-cost gifts are things equestrians can never have enough of. And they make great stocking-stuffers!

Originally published in the SmartPak blog. Written by SmartPaker Maia Frey.

As equestrians, most of us spend a good majority of our free time at the barn. Sometimes, if you’re anything like me, that can lead to last-minute holiday shopping. Maybe you’re shopping for some great small items for a barn party, or something to fill up those stockings lining the stalls doors. When it comes to finding something that will be the perfect little gift, I have a few favorites I’m happy to share with you!



The first thing that always comes to mind when I am shopping for gifts for the horses at my barn is treats! Granted, our collection of treats can certainly be a bit daunting. I have a few favorites that I keep handy as a gift-giving tool at the ready. SmartCookies usually are the first thing I go to. They are a great choice when it comes to a low-cost gift that lasts a long time. My horse, Roy, absolutely loves all of our SmartCookies flavors! One 1.5lb bag usually lasts him around two months, with him getting around three SmartCookies a day. Now is a great time to grab these, as around the holiday season we run our limited-edition Apple Cider Donut flavor, although Peppermint makes a great winter-themed treat as well.

Mrs. Pastures Cookies

Another well-loved treat that makes a great gift is the Mrs. Pastures Cookies. This tried and true treat is a staple in many barns, and it is made from simple ingredients such as oats, wheat bran, and cane molasses. These cookies are designed to be more of a crunchy treat, as they are dehydrated rather than baked to avoid crumbling. This is also another treat option that happens to come with a holiday-specific version. The special Mrs. Pastures Holiday Cookie Jar comes wrapped in a gift bag and tied with a white satin ribbon! Buy a jar for you (or jars for the whole barn) this season.

German Beet Treat

Finally, if you’re looking for a softer treat option, the German Beet Treat is an excellent choice! This treat is a high fiber option that is soft and chewy, which is excellent for the winter. It is also on the larger side, coming in at roughly the size of a golf ball. Often I find people who have senior horses or horses who need their sugar intake monitored really enjoy having this treat as an option in their tack box. Additionally, this is a great low sugar choice, with a 12% NSC and dried plain beet pulp as its first ingredient.

Now that we have some great treat options lined up, lets focus on some other great stocking-stuffer items that make the perfect practical gift!


HandsOn® Gloves for Grooming

Something that I give out as a gift quite frequently is the HandsOn® Gloves for Grooming. These gloves take the traditional curry comb and elevate them to the next level, giving you the most control and detail you can get in a grooming session. Lightweight, portable, and durable, with these you can easily follow contours in the horse’s body and get in those tough-to-reach places. Not to mention, it’s just plain fun to groom with these on. Additionally, if allergies are of concern, these are Latex-free!

Ultimate Hoofpick

Another item that makes a great go-to gift is a hoof pick. While we certainly have a variety of options on our website, my absolute favorite hoof pick is the Ultimate Hoofpick. Just as we say on our listing for this item, I absolutely believe this is the last hoof pick you’ll ever need. Over time, your average hoof pick tends to bend or warp out of shape, this is not the case with the Ultimate Hoofpick however! I have had mine for six years so far, and it is in the same exact shape as when I first picked a hoof with it. This item makes a great stocking stuffer that will continue to be useful well past the holiday season.

Effervescent Brush Cleaner

Finally, the last stocking-stuffer I have in mind is something to help ring in the new year that is approaching. While spring cleaning certainly feels a long way off, trucking through the mud and muck of the winter months can make you ready for some deep cleaning early. What is one thing that could use some extra help in the average equestrian’s tack box? I find it is usually the brushes! Luckily, we have the Effervescent Brush Cleaner to help keep brushes sanity and strip them of dirt, grime, and loose hair that becomes trapped in those bristles over time. These make a great gift to spruce up old brushes or maintain the quality of new ones, all with a great citrusy scent.

While any of these would make a great gift independently, you certainly can mix and match any of them! For an added personal touch, you might try ordering a few different bags of the treats mentioned above and making hand-mixed goodie bags of a variety of treats. No matter what items end up in the stockings hanging in your barn later this season, I hope you have fun shopping and happy holidays!

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