HN Holiday Carols: ‘What Shoe Is This?’

Here’s another classic Horse Nation holiday carol: “What Shoe Is This?” (to the tune of “What Child Is This?”)

What shoe is this which I have found

out in the muddy pasture?

It must have fallen off someone,

which means the hoof’s a disaster.

Why, why must you play all day

And rip your shoes off all the way?

Now, now I must find the one

who’s left this shoe behind them.


Extension Horses/Flickr/Creative Commons License

Why is it so impossible

to keep your shoes on tightly?

I check them every morning and

I check them all nightly.

Now, now I have found the horse

Who’s standing on three legs, of course.

Haste, haste to bring you in

To soak your foot and wrap it.

More mud

Zepfanman/Flickr/Creative Commons License

And now your mad because you’re in

While all your friends are playing.

But horse, why don’t you understand,

it shouldn’t be me you’re blaming.

Try, try to just stay shod–

those shoes aren’t cheap (oh my god.)

This, this is all your fault,

it’s time to call the farrier.


Roger H. Goun/Flickr/Creative Commons License

Happy holidays, Horse Nation. Go Riding!