HN Holiday Carols: ‘O Come All Ye Horse-Poor’

Happy holidays, Horse Nation! Sing this one to the tune of “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

Pixabay/Christo Anestev/CC

O come all ye horse-poor

Broke and without money

O come ye, o come ye and look at your bills.

Come, let us count them, figure up the total:

O here is your board bill

And here is your farrier

And here is your vet bill,

The greatest of all!

Flickr/Barry W./CC

Flickr/Barry W./CC

Oh no, why does your horse

Need so many X-rays,

Injections, bloodwork and pricey drugs?

Not to mention all those fancy supplements!

Your horse is so expensive.

Goodbye to your paycheck!

You might as well feed him

All your money.



Let’s just imagine

How much extra money

You’d have in your pocket if it weren’t for the horse?

Yes, though you’d be bored, you’d be very wealthy,

With no more board bill

No more farrier

And no more vet bills

Stacked up so high!

Happy holidays and go riding!