Reader Photo Challenge: Halloween Costumes

Here are 13 horses — and their owners — all dressed up for Halloween!

We’ve enjoyed seeing how our readers have dressed up their horses for Halloween. Here are 13 photos of horses — and their owners — in costume!

Kill pen horse, Brookroad Bobby, and Gretchen as a ring leader and circus horse. Photo by Candyce Lebeduik.

Appachino. Photo by Premium Image Photography.

A witch and her bat in the haunted forest. Photo by Courtney Leckey Harrison.

Cruella De Vil and her Dalmatian. Photo by Amber Ferris.

Pikachu and Rapidash from Pokemon. Photo by Jill Darosh.

Dragon theme. Photo by Andrea Shore

Nicole Haas and her rescue mare, Xena, dressed up as cops and robbers. Photo by East Coast Outlaws.

Photo of Jill and her horse, Amber, as a unicorn and warrior. Photo by Amanda Zeiders Photography.

Alice in Wonderland with her horse, Cheshire, as Cheshire Cat. Photo by Victoria Burns.

Photo of Kelly’s daughter at her first show as a princess and her unicorn. Photo by Kelly Anne.

The Horseolarian. Photo by Victoria Tunis.

The Grim Reaper. Photo by Robin Cordell.

A bottle of fly spray and a couple of flies. Photo by Ami Aldrich.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.