Right Horses, Bright Futures

Trafalgar Square Books and The Right Horse are teaming up to offer a new horse adoption initiative with the aim of securing new beginnings for very special horses in need of new homes.

Trafalgar Square Books is excited to announce our partnership with the ASPCA®’s Right Horse Initiative to establish Right Horses, Bright Futures—a program to help secure new beginnings for very special horses in need of new homes. TSB will sponsor each “Right Horses, Bright Futures Horse” until he or she is adopted, offering scholarships to cover care and public updates to our readers and followers in an effort to help locate the right person or family for each equine in transition.

“Trafalgar Square Books is a valued Right Horse Industry Partner. Their support of The Right Horse Adoption Partners is a great example of how the equine industry is committed to helping horses in transition,” said Christie Schulte Kappert, program director of The Right Horse Initiative. “We are grateful to Trafalgar Square Books for their efforts to spread the word about equine adoption.”

Our first two Right Horses, Bright Futures horses will come from Right Horse Adoption Partners Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, Missouri, and Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna, Ohio. The sponsorship will focus on spotlighting longer-term equine residents or horses with additional needs at the two facilities.

In the coming weeks, TSB will share the stories of our first sponsored horses. Follow us on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see if one of them can have a bright future with you or someone you know!

About Longmeadow Rescue Ranch:
Since 1870 the Humane Society of Missouri has been dedicated to second chances. They provide a safe and caring haven to all animals in need—large and small—that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. HSMO’s Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the country, earning a national reputation for excellence in rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of horses and farm animals. Nestled on 165 acres near Union, Missouri, Longmeadow is a safe haven for up to 250 animals at a time. Thanks to caring friends, Longmeadow found new homes for 209 animals, including 55 equines, in 2020.

About Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary:
Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes criminally abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals. Their focus is on: Rescue—working in cooperation with law enforcement and county humane organizations, providing service to Ohio and any state beyond requesting assistance. Rehabilitation—providing the veterinary attention, nutrition, and maintenance care and nurture to each animal who enters the sanctuary. Re-home—networking to find loving homes for each animal based on the best match of people, personalities, and facilities.

About The Right Horse Initiative: 
The Right Horse Initiative, a program of the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), is a collective of industry professionals and equine welfare advocates working together to improve the lives of horses in transition through a dialogue of kindness and respect. Through collaboration with over 100 industry and adoption partners, The Right Horse is able to innovate new and better adoption standards and practices. Together, the goal is to shatter the stigma and reframe the conversation around equine adoption in order to massively increase horse adoption in the United States (therighthorse.org).  

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