SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Stuff Riders Say to Farriers

Saying I feel personally attacked by this is … an understatement. Oh, come on, we’ve all been there. And so have our farriers.

Farriers: no one is more critical to our horses’ hoof health and soundness, and yet no one takes more abuse from horses and horse owners. There’s a unique language between horse owners and our farriers, and no one understands that better than SmartPak. After all, they get us because they are us. So, enjoy this throwback video on stuff riders say … to our farriers.

As usual, SmartPak has hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one. (See what we did there? Farrier humor.) Despite our many abuses of these hardworking horsemen and horsewomen, they just keep coming back to put up with our shenanigans week after week. And thank goodness they do. After all, where would we and our horses be if they didn’t? Seriously, farriers do not get paid enough.

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Go SmartPak, and go riding!