Reader Photo Challenge: All Work and No Play…

Makes horses turn into dragons sometimes…

Okay, so maybe that isn’t quite how the saying goes, but most of us know that if we don’t keep our horses’ brains busy and their problem-solving skills engaged, they can get themselves in trouble. So take a look at how some of our readers worked to keep their horses busy.

Wearing of the High Vis Quarter sheet (a little big too). Photo by Jeffrey Lesitsky.

Andy, “Sparkles Pancake,” fighting boredom during stall rest. Photo by Becky J. Cocklin.

Amigo was not impressed with my pool noodles. Photo by KC Cordell.

Stumps on trails are great obstacles to practice on. BC, Canada. Photo by Kate Mumford.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.