The HORSEDOC® Offers Four Olympic-Sized Interviews

Are you suffering from olympic withdrawal? If so, here are four interviews that might help fill the void until the next time.

Dr. Gregory Beroza, aka HORSEDOC®, interviewed various guests regarding the 2020-1 Tokyo Olympics. His main area of interest revolved around the Equestrian Team Competitions. The first interview was with Legendary HOF American Olympian Joe Fargis. During the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles, California, Fargis won gold medals for both the USA Team Jumping and Individual Jumping competitions. This made him the first Olympic rider ever to have done such in the same event at the same Olympics. At the subsequent 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea, Fargis won a silver medal for the USA Team Jumping.

History records Fargis as one of the most decorated equestrian Olympians of all time. Those that know Joe recognize him as a talented rider, a tough competitor, a mentoring coach and a devoted friend. He has been decorated with multiple awards and is a strict proponent of proper preparation, ‘air play, equine welfare and following the rules of competition.

Joe Fargis at 1984 LA Olympics riding ‘Touch of Class.’ Photo courtesy of Dr. Gregory Beroza.

In the Beroza’s interview with Fargis, Fargis discusses the effects of restricted fan attendance, medications and rules infractions.  Catch the full interview here:

Dr. Beroza next interviewed the Team Israel Veterinarian, Dr. Jonathan Allen, as he helped steer their horses through qualifying international competition in Moscow, Russia in 2019, and recently competed in the ’20-21 Tokyo Olympics. Dr. Allen, a prominent equine veterinarian from Wellington, Florida shares his perspectives on assembling and keeping healthy the first ever Israeli National Jumping Team assembled for Olympic Competition.

Dr. Jonathan Allen in Germany on route to Tokyo. Photo courtesy of Dr. Gregory Beroza.

He discusses the unique circumstances of equestrian travel, stabling in a foreign country and dealing with the excessive heat in Tokyo. Dr. Allen also addresses the travel restrictions within the Olympic community and the unfortunate withdrawal of Team Israel’s highest ranked competitor, Daniel Blumen. He comments about each of Team Israel’s very talented riders. Watch the interview here:

Diana DeRosa discusses her media coverage of the past nine Olympics, starting in Seoul in 1988, where she personally witnessed the USA Equestrian Team win its silver medal. She talks about the uniqueness of Tokyo, comparing it to her previous international experiences. As both a distinguished equestrian and a professional photojournalist, Diana offers great insight into this year’s Tokyo Olympic experience.

Finally, Dr. Tim Ober is the USA Olympic Jumping Team Veterinarian. He discusses details of shipping horses and riders from the US to Germany and onto Tokyo. He talks about the stabling conditions and barn atmosphere in Tokyo.

Dr. Tim Ober in Tokyo at the 2020-21 Olympics. Photo courtesy of Dr. Gregory Beroza.

Dr. Ober also comments on Jessica Springsteen’s ability to perform under pressure at her first ever Olympic debut.

Each of the candid 15-minute videos are well worth watching. HORSEDOC’s collection of all four of these interviews, plus several other Youtube videos of interest, are available for viewing on the Talking Horses YouTube Channel. Other interviews may follow. If you want more content like this, you can sign up for updates via

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