Thursday Video: Chris Hemsworth Is, Like, A Legit Ponydad

In case you missed it, Chris Hemsworth is an awesome barn dad.  Sure, he’s Thor, too, but that’s not the point.

Is there anything this actor can’t do? Wield Mjölnir, a hammer that is both a devastating weapon and a divine instrument with which to give blessings? Sure! Inspire Captain James T. Kirk to become a member of the Starfleet? No problem. Plait his daughter’s pony’s mane at pony camp? Absolutely!

That’s right, this Ponydad has it down. Not only does he act and stop the hearts of many of his fans, but also he’s an amazing family man and dedicated dad who has no problem taking the time to help get his daughter’s pony ready for camp.

On July 13, 2021, Elsa Pataky revealed her husband’s hidden talent on Instagram with this post:

During the video, Hemsworth can be heard asking, “India, are you impressed yet?” We’re not sure if she is, but we certainly are!

Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Go Chris Hemsworth (and all the Ponydads out there) and go riding!