Reader Photo Challenge: The Derp Face

Here are 11 horses who prefer to show off their less-than-photogenic side.

Horses always choose the exact right moment to make that oh-so-special face. You know, like when we’re trying to capture their natural beauty on camera. 🙄

These readers were kind enough to share their photos of their derpy horses (or at least of their lovely horses making derpy faces).

Duke & goofy Karen. Photo by Shannon Ready.

Rocky always smiles for selfies! Photo by Samantha Wilmot.

My daughter and her Chincoteague Pony. Photo by Shannon Meyers.

Tried to take a nice photo with his ribbons. Milo said he was ready for his close up. Photo by Nenah Demunster.

Vylit and Aries. Photo by Kim Seahorse.

Try, if you must. Goofy faces, I must. Photos by Bonnie Lynn Simmons.

Denny says he’s over the weekend. Photo by Lexi Poteat.

I just wanted a cute Christmas picture. The answer was no! Photo by Cynthia Wilson.

Such a handsome boy! Horse: Zippy, owned by Amy Carlson. Photo by Karina Brown.

Get a Friesian, they said. They’re sooo majestic. Photo by Jean Connoyer.

Germaan our 33 year old senior citizen…he’s missing a few teeth! There’s nothing he enjoys more than a good grooming! Photo by Lisa Dendulk.

Stay beautiful, Horse Nation. Go riding!

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.