Take a Tour of The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Athletes’ Village

The Tokyo Olympics are less than a month away. Take a peek inside the Athletes’ Village. 

Pieces of the athletes’ and horses’ journeys to the postponed Tokyo Olympics are beginning to take shape, and over the last week local media got their first glimpse at the Olympic Games Athletes’ Village and other facilities that will be serving the participants beginning July 23. This veritable “mini-city” will host 18,000 athletes and team members throughout the course of the Olympics and another 8,000 participants during the Paralympic Games.

The numbers attached to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have been worse in Japan in recent months, prompting the repeated extensions of a multi-locale state of emergency – though last week Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced the state of the emergency would be lifted in all areas except the Okinawa Prefecture, which consists of some 150 islands between Taiwan and Japan.

In light of the pandemic, the Tokyo organizing committee has installed multiple updates to the facilities to ensure proper protocol is taken to prevent the transmission of the virus. This includes a fever clinic that is housed separately from the main medical clinic, plexiglass shields in close quarters, sanitizer stations, and multiple Playbooks for each group of Olympic stakeholders (athletes, media, personnel, etc.) to follow closely during their stay in Japan.

Here are a few looks around the Olympic Games Athletes’ Village:

Go riding!