14 Brides Who Broke Tradition and Had Their Horses at the Weddings

We all love our horses, but some of us take it to the next level. Was your horse at your wedding? We’d love to see it!

Some of us make sure our family members can be at our weddings… and some of us make sure that our equine family members can be at our weddings. Whether they were ridden down the aisle, stood in close proximity or were stabled for pictures after the ceremony, each bride grinned from ear to ear as they shared a special moment with their horse on their big day.

Here it is, Horse Nation – a compilation of 14 brides who shared their wedding day with their horse!

1. There’s nothing prettier than a bride walking through the trees on her paint horse!

2. The excitement of this bride as she sees her horse is enough to make you shed a few tears!

3. Who doesn’t love a bride, in her white dress, cantering through a field on her white horse?

4. We’re not sure if it’s the Palomino, the off the shoulder dress, or the gorgeous bride that makes this video so stunning!

5. Who’s not a sucker for a gorgeous gray horse?

6.  Of course we couldn’t leave out a beach wedding!


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7. Oh gosh! This bride and groom in the field with this horse is so enchanting! Not to mention the bride’s hat is to die for!

8. We’re digging the classic look this bride has with her nontraditional black horse!

9. Another handsome grey has made his way into a bride’s wedding! We’re not complaining!

10. This bride and her horse with the sunset and mountains was sure to make the cut!

11. We can’t figure out what’s the prettiest — the bride, the horse or that barn!

12. Grays and bays with this bride and groom!

13. This bride’s smile as she spends time with her horse will put a smile on your face!

14. We couldn’t forget about the team of horses pulling the carriage!

We hope you enjoyed these brides and their steeds, Horse Nation! Go riding!