Reader Photo Challenge: Barn Hair Don’t Care

Here are 13 horses showing off their coifs!

And some certainly are, well, more coiffed than others. Whether your horse’s tresses are tamed or wild and free, we wanted to see those equines and how they wear their manes. We weren’t disappointed by the variety of styles we saw. So enjoy this sample from this week’s read photo challenge.

Go riding!

My salt wells mustang mare has gorgeous hair!! Photo by Maryjane Angelo.

Annabel and I practiced our lattice braid. Photo by Sabrina Sabrina Lang Stoffregen.

Sparkle blue for good luck! Photo by Alison Ralicki.

Belle. Photo by Kristin Matheny.

Chippy in the hands of a student! Photo by Jamie Maguire.

Vinny the Mini’s wild hair! Photo by Kristin Matheny.

Heart loves her braids, it means we are going to show! Photo by Miranda Hassler.

Sometimes you just have to “branch” out and try something new! Photo by North Falls.

Duncan the Standardbred rocking a braid to show off his tattoo. Photo by Amanda Dietrich-Ward.

God built in a really nifty braid tape holder. Photo by Taylor Kahl.

Skittles wants to be a unicorn. Photo by Kara Setser.

Photo by Meaghan Monahan

Henry isn’t impressed by all my hard work! Photo by Jean Connoyer.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.