‘Oh Crap’ Monday: Caught With Your Pants Down

Don’t get caught with your pants down… unless it keeps you safe!

Monday already is the crappiest day of the week, so it only makes sense that we make things official. Here’s our latest “oh crap” moment.

For riders, one of the scariest things is to have your horse go down while you’re on it. Whether it’s on the trail or in the arena, no one wants a thousand pound beast coming down on — or near! — them. Between the risk of loss of life or limb and the possibility of the horse getting injured, it’s one of the worst situations to imagine and/or experience.

But sometimes — just sometimes — it can result in a few rather humorous “oh crap” moments. Such was the case for Deneane Welch, whose horse Cash slipped coming around the first barrel. Fortunately, both Cash and Deneane were okay… too bad the same can’t be said for Deneane’s jeans.

Talk about being caught with your pants down!

Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation. 

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