12 Horse Movie Scenes That Are Sure To Put You on a Movie Binge

We all love our horse movies. So here are 12 of the best horse movie scenes — did your favorite make the list? If not, let us know what it is!

As equestrians, we all know we’re suckers for a good horse movie. For us, they’re all tear-jerkers, but they also remind a lot of us about what made us fall in love with horses in the first place. After all, if it weren’t for some of these scenes, we may not have begged our parents to let us ride.

So here it is, Horse Nation — a compilation of 12 of the greatest horse movie scenes that we just can’t stop watching.

1. Secretariat’s Final Race Scene

For those of you that love the racehorse movies, this scene is a staple moment and tear-jerker for the horse racing history fanatics!

2. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken Scene

This movie is a classic, and this tear jerking scene just can’t be topped!

3. Zorro Good Boy Scene

Who doesn’t love a horse running across the top of a train followed by a “good boy” from Zorro?

4. War Horse Running Through the Battle Field

Because we all love a horse with the sense to save itself and a dramatic galloping scene.

5. Breaking Spirit Scene

Child or not, everyone can get a chuckle out of the scene where they try to break Spirit! And let’s get real — we all wanted Spirit to come out on top in this situation.

6. 12 Strong Horse Fight Scene

“The horses know that these are America bombs. They won’t be afraid.” … Makes sense, right?

7. Robin Hood Roof Top Horse Scene

After all, this list wouldn’t be complete without a harrowing escape on horseback.

8. Charlie’s Angels Horseback Chase Scene

I mean, it happened in pink silks… of course this scene made the list.

9. Hidalgo’s Final Race Scene

If this scene didn’t give you chills, are you even a horse lover?

10. Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral

Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral is another great horse race scene that was a huge moment in horse racing history!

11. Troy Trojan Horse Scene

Okay, this may not be a real horse, but it’s still pretty awe-inspiring.

12. Black Beauty Coming Home Scene

This heart warming scene when Joe Green recognizes Black Beauty and takes him home falls last, but certainly not least.

Watch a movie — or two — and then go riding, Horse Nation!

Did your favorite make the list? If not, let us know what it is in the Facebook comments!