#TGIF: Things Cowboys Don’t Say

There’s nothing better at the end of a long week than a good laugh. That’s why we’re thrilled to repost this video from the one and only Dale Brisby — it’s sure to make you laugh… a lot.

Cowboys are known for a lot of things — being good hands on the ranch, sharp shooting, roping and often their wisdom when it comes to horses and life. From Rooster Cogburn to Wyatt Earp to Buck Brannaman, we often look to cowboys to romanticize life on the range or, at the very least, life with cows and horses. We rely on them for one-liners that speak more truth than any novel.


There are some things cowboys just won’t say. And Dale Brisby is here to let us know exactly what those things are.

Happy Friday, Horse Nation. Have a laugh and go riding!

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