SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Fueling the Pony Passion

“Our approach is all fun, treating each horse with love and gratitude while making sure we are being safe.” SmartPaker Lizzie Resnick discusses how she fosters a love for horses in her daughter.

Originally published in the SmartPak blog. Written by SmartPaker Lizzie Resnick.

My name is Lizzie and I am lucky enough to lead SmartPak’s amazing Customer Care team. I am a lifelong English rider, mainly focused on eventing. After having my daughter Maddie, I have been getting back into riding while also raising her. Being a mom, I always wanted my daughter to share my passion for horses but I was cautious not to force it!

Photo by SmartPaker Lizzie Resnick

Maddie is now four years old and first sat on a horse when she was two. This wasn’t anything I had asked her and encouraged her to do but she was around it quite often by default. One day we had a barn adventure and went to see my cousin ride her new horse, Faye. Maddie slowly walked over to Faye (who is over 16 hands) and pointed up and said, “Mamma Uppy!” I hoisted her up so she could sit with my cousin Tina, they were both grinning ear to ear. That’s how it began. That progressed into her sitting on her own, to pony rides at a few different barns, and eventually a few lessons. I found myself more nervous than I had expected to be but the horses and ponies she has ridden have always been amazing and always keep her safe. I am so thankful to Faye, River, Popsicle, Dora, Elmo, and Olive!

Having her share the love of the barn and horses has been amazing! Our approach is all fun, treating each horse with love and gratitude while making sure we are being safe. Maddie’s favorite thing to do is pick the feet and she reminds me that we need to avoid the frog! This makes me smile every time!

Some of the fond memories we have developed so far include discovering “Spirit”– the books, movie, and TV show. She pretends to be “Lucky Prescott riding Spirit wild and free!” which is riding bareback with no hands while I hold her pony. I remember the first time she learned to steer her pony on her own and the first time she did two-point. We also watched the Kentucky 3 Day event and cheered on our favorite riders while also practicing our galloping position on the toy rocking horse!

Photo by SmartPaker Lizzie Resnick

I am excited for her to learn how to post, canter, jump and hope she enjoys it just as much I have! As a parent, I hope she finds so many of the other things that I found at the barn. A place where she can learn the value of hard work and compassion. A place where she can set goals, overcome disappointments and be free to dream big.

My goal is to support her as she develops and encourage her to try her best in everything she does either at the barn or in other activities. In the meantime, I am cherishing each moment I have with her at the barn and keeping things encouraging and positive (just like my mom always did and continues to do for me).

Shout out to all the moms out there and thank you for supporting your kids’ horsey and non-horsey dreams!

Photo by SmartPaker Lizzie Resnick

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