Ecovet Presents Mind Your Melon: Riding in the Swiss Alps

Talk about a ride for the bucket list!

You know the opening scene in The Sound of Music when Julie Andrews is spinning in circles with her arms wide open and singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music/With songs they have sung for a thousand years…”?

Of course you do. We all know that scene. Even if you’re not into The Sound of Music, Rodgers and Hammerstein, the Von Trapps or Julie Andrews, you can’t deny that this opening scene is incredible. Even more than 50 years later, the cinematography is pretty damned stunning and I get chills when I watch it.

You know what the one thing is that would make that scene even better? That’s right. Horses. I mean, of course the answer is horses.

We may not be able to add horses into this scene, but these riders get to experience the real deal on this trail ride near St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps (yes, yes, we know The Sound of Music was filmed in Austria and not Switzerland, but it’s still the Alps). And we can enjoy the ride vicariously with this helmet cam footage — add this ride to your bucket list!

“The hills fill my heart with the sound of music…”

Happy Wednesday, Horse Nation. And don’t forget to mind your melon!

Mind Your Melon videos showcase equestrians who have decided to protect their noggins by wearing a helmet. Do you have a Mind Your Melon submission to share? Send it to [email protected].