Age Disease and Rowdy Yates

Edmond P. DeRousse shares his experiences of playing Rowdy Yates… and realizing age might be a factor. Take it away Edmond!

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By Edmond P. DeRousse

I suffer from Age Disease now. It’s the excuse I use when the body and mind prevent me from doing what I once was able to do. The challenges, obviously, are both physical and mental and they will never end. There is also humor in life. Seeing it and laughing with it is good therapy.

This story is evidence of suffering from Age Disease. It is inspired by a personal adventure while learning how to cut cows from a herd. Much of what happened is factual but exaggerated a bit for the sake of the story.

And yes, I realize now that I was overcome with a sudden and unexpected lack of common sense.

Rowdy Yates

The day was spent in the saddle
Moving cows from one field to another.

Herding cattle down a trail on horseback,
Was an accomplished bucket list adventure.

Vision of Rowdy Yates had
Galloped across my mind,
I imagined the young man’s adventures

As he drove the herd along.
The remembered lyrics of “Rawhide”
Pushed me on.

“Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’!
Keep them dawwggies movin’!


Head ‘em up head ‘em up!
Move ‘em out move ‘em out!


Though the streams are swollen
Keep them dawggies movin’


Cut ‘em out cut ‘em in
Ride ‘em out ride’em in


Once we drove them to
Our final destination,

I dismounted my horse
To help collect a calf.

Vision of Rowdy Yates
Still dancing across my mind.

But every so often,
There are those times

When body and mind
Suddenly conflict.

It probably shouldn’t happen,
At seventy years of age.

But on that day
At that moment

The body and mind
Had a distressing discussion.

The calf, you see
Decided to sprint.

My body warned, “Better not do it!!!”
My brain declared “Yep! You can!!!”

The body screamed out in fatigue
But the mind disagreed.

I hurled my body out
As if Rowdy Yates!

The calf’s flying tail
Was all I felt

Then it vanished
Into the herd…..

As I slowly ascended
From the ground

And wiped its residue
From my mouth,

“Are you OK?” I heard them ask.
My reply, “I’m too old to play Rowdy Yates!”