Show Prep: My Top 5 Virtual Vendor Village Deals for Wednesday

Show season is nearly upon us. Are you ready? If not, have no fear. Eventing Nation’s Virtual Vendor Village is here!

As show season rapidly approaches, you must ask yourself whether or not you’re ready. After all, with more months off than on in 2020, some of us are a bit ready. Fortunately, Eventing Nation’s Virtual Vendor Village is here this week to help you get ready for your upcoming shows. That’s why my top five picks for today all are geared toward preparing you to get back in the arena and be your best.

Horse and Rider Books

If there’s anything that’ll help you get you where you need to be for a competition, it’s the plethora of books written by and for equestrians through Horse and Rider Books. Whether you’re looking to get your horse in top condition or work on your mental toughness, Horse and Rider Books has something to help you sharpen your competitive edge. And all throughout the Virtual Vendor Village you can get 20% off plus free shipping with code  VV21 at checkout.


Headed to a horse show and need an extra hand? Looking to secure a position as a groom at a show? Need help with a stall or ringside? Show assist is here to help owners, riders and trainers. It is an app designed for connecting owners, trainers and riders to experienced grooms and other support staff at horse shows for short-term help when needed at the show ring or stall. You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Stable View

If you’re headed to to Stable View this fall for Oktoberfest, you’ll need accommodations — and Stable View has an offer you can’t refuse. How does 50% off accommodations sound? In order to redeem this offer, you’ll have to call 484-356-3173.


You know what one of the best parts about an amazing ride is? Reliving it repeatedly via video. Cambox makes that possible without bulky cameras or straps. Cambox offers discreet cameras that attach to your helmet with no bulk and offer high quality video. And this week, they are offering amazing deals on a variety of bundles. No matter which option you choose, you’re sure to save — and get an awesome set up in the process!

Achieve Equine

We all know that if your horse isn’t feeling its best, it can’t compete at its best. That’s why properly fitting tack that keeps your horse as comfortable as possible is so important. Fortunately, Achieve Equine, the parent company of FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips and VIP Equestrian, has our backs — well, at least our horses’ backs. They have developed a thin and unobtrusive saddle pad designed for riders of all disciplines. Made with a proprietary polymer instead of gel, the VIP Equestrian pad is a new option for additional impact absorption and heat distribution without affecting saddle fit. Which means you’ll be show ring ready. Use code LR2021 to get $10 off your order (one use per customer).

Jump to Wednesday’s deals and special events hereAnd if this week doesn’t fulfill your requirements for a little retail therapy, Kentucky is hosting its own Vendor Village all week during the Three-Day Event, April 21-25. You’ll be able to find more on this online shopping event on the Kentucky website here.

Happy shopping, Horse Nation. Go riding!