Ecovet Presents Mind Your Melon: Mounted Archery AND Cross Country? Yes, Please!

I don’t think I can even walk and chew gum at the same time!

Here’s a cool twist on equine sports: what do you get when you cross mounted archery with a bit of cross country? Arnaud Flour donned his Cambox helmet cam to take us along for the ride during a Polish Elite Event in 2019. Mentioned on Arnaud’s YouTube channel is Yoseikan Budo Bajutsu Archery, a Japanese form of archery involving shooting targets on horseback. This certainly looks like it’s plenty challenging for any rider, and the helmet cam makes for a cool perspective.

Go Ecovet and go riding!

Mind Your Melon videos showcase equestrians who have decided to protect their noggins by wearing a helmet. Do you have a Mind Your Melon submission to share? Send it to [email protected].