Book Review: ‘Unbridled Faith’

by Cara Whitney

Unbridled Faith by Cara Whitney is a book that showcases 100 devotions that tie in to horses. Each devotion is two pages long. They start with a bible verse which is followed up with a barn story that ties into the devotion. At the end of each message is a prayer that relates to the bible verse and message.

This book is a really great book if you like books with a religious tone. It’s nice because you can read one or two devotions per day and really ponder how to incorporate the message into your every day life.

While the messages are powerful and really get across how to live by the word of God, I would have really liked the stories of the horses to be more detailed. The portion of the devotion that pertained to horses was vague and including more detail regarding horses would engage the readers more thoroughly.

Also, I felt that while some of the horse stories tied in well with the devotions, others could have been tailored to the devotion more effectively. The point of the book is to get the word of God across to readers, so I that seems to take precedence over the horse stories.

If a religious book is what you enjoy reading with a hint of horses in, this is a really good book to pick up. However, if you are looking for more horse and less religion, this likely isn’t the choice for you.

Unbridled Faith can be found here.