SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask the Vet, January Edition

You asked, SmartPak answered! In their never-ending quest to keep SmartPak fans well informed and their horses healthy, SmartPaker Dan and Dr. Lydia Gray address the most commonly asked questions about CBD for horses.

Ask the Vet is back with a special episode centered around the hottest supplement ingredient right now — CBD! SmartPaker Dan and Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak Staff Veterinarian, Research and Medical Director, answer five of the most common questions that from viewers and customers about CBD, including:

  1. What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? What is the difference between hemp seed oil and hemp oil?
  2. What are some of the reasons people are choosing to support their horses with CBD?
  3. Are there any research studies on CBD? Does SmartPak have any of its own research to back up its CBD products?
  4. How do you recommend starting to feed your CBD products? Is there a loading dose? What options do I have for dosing small ponies and minis with your CBD products?
  5. Can I show on CBD? Is 7-10 days still accurate for it to be out of my horse’s system?

Watch the full video here:

If you have questions of your own, you can always ask using #AsktheVetVideo! If your question gets selected to be in one of the Ask the Vet episodes, you win a $25 SmartPak gift card! How awesome is that!?

Go SmartPak and go riding!