Become a More RESILIENT Rider (and Human Being): Sign up for Noelle Floyd’s Free Webinar Series!

Do you have trouble bouncing back from minor mistakes and setbacks? This FREE Noelle Floyd webinar series is designed to help you do just that.

Photo credit: SEH Photography (Sophine Harris)

Riding isn’t always easy – it isn’t even always fun. A big key to success and happiness in the saddle is RESILIENCE. Noelle Floyd is proud to team up with Equestrian Masterclass and clinical psychologist (and rider) Darby Bonomi, PhD for a FREE (that’s right — free), four-week webinar series to help riders develop more resilience. 

The webinar begins on February 1, 2021, and you can save your seat here.

This course will help you…

Find your WHY. 

Learn how to bounce back from minor and major setbacks. 

Use mistakes to fuel real improvement. 

This webinar series will include: 

  • Weekly live webinars (with recordings)
  • Weekly at-home assignments to guide your progress. 
  • A community of individuals with the same goal to lean on. 
  • A private Facebook group with other participants for sharing reflections, progress, etc. 
  • The chance to ask Dr. Darby questions directly.

Photo credit: Shannon Brinkman

Webinar Outline:

Week 1: The Foundation.

Understanding resilience and it’s building blocks. Defining what it means to you and how to apply it in riding and life.

Week 2: The Building Blocks of Resilience.

Using a sense of perspective, honing your “why”, and creating a long term plan, to help you recover and bounce back in tough times.

Week 3: Personal Qualities and Skills of Resilient People.

Understanding the key traits and skills that resilient people share, and how to develop these in yourself.

Week 4: Resilient Athletes: What it Takes to Develop and Maintain Resilience.

Building on week 3, how to develop the skills, traits and use micro-recovery and macro-recovery to become resilient and stay resilient.

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