Treat Yo Self: A Gift Guide for People Who Didn’t Get What They Wanted

Did Santa forget to leave a few key items under the tree? If so, don’t be afraid to treat yo self. Here’s the definitive gift guide for those who didn’t get what they wanted and are left shopping for themselves.

The gift-giving season officially is nearing its end. As you clean up the detritus from your celebrations and look back on unwrapping presents and being grateful for what you have and what you were given, are you left thinking that maybe there’s something missing? Or maybe you received a couple of gift cards that are burning holes in your pockets? No matter what the situation, there’s just one way to satisfy that itch:

That’s right. Treat. Yo. Self.


One of the best ways to treat yourself is with some swag. Clothing that is comfortable, high quality and reflects your state of mind is a great way to treat yourself and make you feel good about yourself. We have a few favorites that we just can’t get enough of.

Dark Mare Society

The Dark Mare Society is a grass-roots organization founded by a horse lover, trainer and mounted shooter who does a great job of capturing the dark mare mentality and combining it with the sass and comfort you seek in your daily life. Wondering what the dark mare state of mind is? Like that of a good mare, those in the Dark Mare Society have grit. We can be wicked, yet righteous. We can’t be controlled, but if you earn our respect, we will give you 110%. We do not cause harm, but we take no s4!t. We exude confidence, and confidence has no competition. We were born game, and we intend to go out that way. The Dark Mare grunge unisex fleece pullover and unisex joggers are my personal favorites. 

Ride Heels Down

Ride Heels Down is another great organization that was founded by a horsewoman who knows exactly what we want and what we’re thinking. From saddle pads to hats to T-shirts to stall signs to travel mugs (and more!), Ride Heels Down has all the swag you could want — with some cheeky sayings to keep you laughing. I own the Coronavirus Stall Rest Champion shirt and made a point to wear it nearly all summer long (because it was incredibly fitting — for my mare and me!). We also love the Everything Hurts travel mug because, let’s be honest, this is how we all feel after a long horse event. The awesomeness doesn’t end there — you can save 10% with code HORSENATION.

Cozy Winter Gear

Photo from SmartPak

This may be a little more general, but you can never have enough layers when you’re headed to the barn in the middle of winter. That’s why we’re in love with the SmartPak Piper Sherpa 1/4 Zip Pullover. This is seriously warm and plush (check out our review here) and it can go from the barn to running errands without earning the side-eye you get every time you schlep to the store in your barn jacket and muddy Muck Boots (or is that just me?). If you act now you can snag this for an amazing price, too. It currently is on sale for $39.99… hmmm, come to think of it, maybe I need to treat myself.

New Boots

Dublin Eskimo Winter Boot II. Photo from SmartPak.

Realizing your boots are worn out and have holes in the middle of barn day during the coldest stretch of the year is never an experience you want to have. Even if you manage to keep all of your toes, you will be miserable for hours, and the mere memory will make you shiver. So don’t deny yourself some new barn boots — preferably the kind that will keep your feet warm and dry. A personal favorite is the Dublin Eskimo Winter Boot II. These boots are waterproof, breathable and have synthetic fleece that is sure to keep your feet warm. Plus you can leave the barn and feel at least somewhat put together when you have to run errands. If you don’t think you need the full winter boots and want all-seasons, the Dublin River Boot III still will keep your feet dry without the added winter protection.

Gear for Your Horse

This falls into the category of treat your horse rather than treating your self, but let’s get real. That’s what we live for anyway, right? Here’s some of our favorite horse gear that Santa often forgets.

SmartTherapy No-Bow Wraps

Photo by DeAnn Long Sloan

Maybe it’s just because I have had the year that won’t quit when it comes to horse injuries, but the SmartTherapy No-Bow Wraps have been invaluable. Most recently, I have been using them under standing bandages as support wraps for my mare’s injured leg. What I love about these is that they are made of ceramic-infused ThermoBalance™ fabric, which reflects your horse’s body heat as soothing far infrared rays and promotes healing. They are as easy to use as standard quilts and they are easy to care for. Even if your horse isn’t injured (my wish for all of you!), they work well for shipping or as part of your warm up and recovery routine (check out our review here). If wraps aren’t your thing, have no fear. SmartPak also has SmartTherapy quick wraps, saddle pads and mesh sheets.

PEMF Blanket

Photo from Equine Therapy International

Admittedly, this is on the top of the list of things I want to add to my barn. An equine therapy blanket is definitely one way to treat your horse — and make all of your friends jealous. Our current pick is the Equine Therapy International Activo-Med Combi Pro Blanket. This therapy blanket combines PEMF with cyclonic massage, covering the horse from poll to tail, including the shoulder and thigh areas. It can be used to support performance or as part of rehabilitation. Heck, if I get one, I may just lie under it.

Horse Treats

Photo from SmartPak

A therapy blanket may be out of reach for most of us about now, but there are plenty of other ways to treat your horse. Horse treats are a sure-fire way to keep your horse running to the gate to meet you (at least if your horse is as food motivated as mine). Some of our favorite treats are SmartCookies from SmartPak. These treats have a healthy base of coconut meal, beet pulp, alfalfa, and flaxseed oil, and are available in four flavors your horse will love: Guilt-Free Peppermint Pattie, Guilt-Free Carrot Cake, and the Guilt-Free Banana Bread. They include no added sugar, so they are a great choice for horses on low sugar diets. We also love Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Balls. Not only do our horses love them, but also they’re also great for relieving stall boredom when hung from the ceiling above the stall. Plus, you get to giggle every time you say their name.


There’s just something about a new gadget that makes us giddy. Here are a few that we recommend to add to your stable if you can. Plus, these are the epitome of treating your self.

Cambox V4 Pro

Photo from Cambox

The Cambox V4 Pro is a revolutionary helmet cam. It has a unique design that fits the shape of your helmet, so it’s low profile, discrete, light and ergonomic — plus it still has all the same features as the top action cameras. Right now you can get up to 30% off on this rad helmet cam.


Photo from Pivo

As regular Horse Nation contributor Lindsey Partridge writes, Pivo is a super cool tech device sits on a tripod and holds your phone. It uses an app on your phone and will film you. I can follow you, zoom in and out, and it comes with a handy remote to stop and record. Every horse person loves having video and pictures with their horses. This is a super easy device to use, quick set up, lasts for hours, and is the most affordable video tracking device giving the best value. Make sure to get the “silver” option as it can handle the faster speeds for cantering and jumping (the “red” can keep up with walk/trot). An added bonus? Right now you can save $40 with Pivo’s New Year Sale.

What other gifts would you recommend to gift yourself? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

Go treat yo self and go riding!