2020 Readers’ Choice Awards: Kentucky Performance Products Video of the Year

The year that was… in video form! Check out our most popular videos of 2020 and vote for your favorite of the year.

If there’s one thing we do well here at Horse Nation, it’s curate the perfect video break for you during your busy day. Want to find the funniest new viral horse video? Need a quick break? We’ve got your hookup — and here are the most popular videos of the year. Rewatch these viral hits and then vote for your favorite to become Video of the Year in the poll below!

Colorful Dismount

Originally published on March 3, 2020

“This colorful dismount is up there with the best ways to land when you’ref aced with an unplanned dismount. When this rider asked his horse for a ‘whoa,’ he got a whoa! This horse’s planted stop forced his rider into the air, made him flip and miraculously the rider landed on his feet and continued to tie the calf! We’re still in awe with how this video panned out!”

Chickens Are Ruthless

Originally published on April 7, 2020

“This is one angry chicken. Okay, it might be a rooster. But either way, no matter how much this horse tries to get it to leave him alone, it keeps coming back for more. You think it would get the hint after getting launched across the pasture. NOPE! This chicken is coming back for round two!”


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Food Is Life

Originally published on June 2, 2020

“The temptation of a fresh round bale proved to be more than this horse could resist. This horse didn’t just decide to take a little nibble, he went all in to get the hay in the middle of the bale — while it was still being transported to it’s location in the field!”

Synchronized Side Pass

Originally published on June 30, 2020

“Look at this fancy footwork! No restraints and no aids — just a subtle cue and some really good training! After watching this video, we’re inspired to get out of our seats and teach our horses something new!”

Floppy Ears

Originally published on November 10, 2020

“Texas Gem had cysts removed from her ears, leaving them floppy, but that didn’t hinder her from selling for $150,000 at auction! She proved her ears didn’t impact her big heart and went on to break her maiden!”


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