Ecovet Presents Mind Your Melon: Virtual Eventing

When you can’t compete IRL, compete virtually!

With all the show cancellations throughout 2020, a lot of riders have been turning to online competitions. Although I meant to partake in them as well, a combination of low motivation (at first) and an injured horse (later) deterred me from actually doing anything about it. Be that as it may, I have remained curious about how those virtual competitions were taking place and how riders managed to pull off, say, a cross country course from home.

This helmet cam footage lets us know exactly how that went — and it’s fun to watch, too!

And you know what one of the best things about helmet cam footage is? The rider definitely wore a helmet!

Mind Your Melon videos showcase equestrians who have decided to protect their noggins by wearing a helmet. Do you have a Mind Your Melon submission to share? Send it to [email protected].

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