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Gram of the Day from @jlyons786. ・・・ I saw this gorgeous Pony on a ‘dressage horses for sale’ Facebook ad in early 2017. Lagniappe Aristocrat arrived at the Kentucky Horse Park that summer, the same afternoon Doug moved into the neuro stall at Hagyard Equine Hospital that he would not make it out of alive. Aris was assigned to be one of my project horses, and we were ready to make our debut in the show on September 11, but my car was totaled on the way to work when I got t-boned. I did not ride for awhile and shortly after that, I ‘traded’ @mwelch2313 the Pony for an akhal-teke. About a year later, she moved to a different department and Pony became one of my projects until she came back to us a few months later. I gladly handed him right back to her! Recently, she’s had multiple other new horses that need her expertise more than her Pony, so last week, he became my project, once again. We completed our first demonstration together this morning, walk/trot/canter and we both survived. This afternoon, while I was working on re-braiding his mane, they pulled out the flag for another horse to practice carrying. Pony apparently forgot he has lived here for three years and has seen the flag many, many times before… put him to work to sort some things out and he put on quite the show… 📸: @my_voice_is_horse #dalespony #hastalentneedsdirection #kyhorsepark #goodthinghescute #thathairtho #sharethelex #goriding

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