Fab Freebie: Win a Bottle of Ecovet, Your Go-To Fly Spray

Everyone loves a deal, and nothing can beat free!

Photo courtesy of Ecovet.

Most horse owners have a go-to fly spray, and with fly season in full swing, you’re likely stocking up on your favorite brand. But if you’re like me, you’re also always hunting for equine products that are less toxic and lean in a more all-natural direction.

In the past, using a less toxic fly spray has often meant sacrificing effectiveness. Ecovet is changing the game with their unique formula, which was developed in the U.S. by veterinarians and has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

After extensively testing Ecovet, Horse Nation is ready to give our stamp of approval. Here are five reasons why Ecovet should be your go-to fly spray this summer.

Ecovet works. What makes this fly spray so effective? It’s a simple science lesson. Bugs are attracted to certain scents, while other odors repel them. Ecovet uses three naturally derived, food-grade fatty acids in the formula to mimic the repellent smells found naturally on horses.

The formula works by evaporating and creating a repellent vapor barrier against insects. By overwhelming their “GPS system,” insects are unable to detect and ultimately swarm, pester, and bite our horses.

Ecovet is non-toxic. The three naturally derived fatty acids in Ecovet make up 15% of the formula and are carried in silicone oil, which comprises 84% of the formula. An additional 1% of fragrance completes the formula.

The new scent is an “herbal blend of lavender with a hint of tea,” but the fatty acids in the formula still have a strong smell. We found that following the recommendation to spray Ecovet outside and about 6 inches away from the horse’s body helped prevent sneezing.

Ecovet is long-lasting. Thanks to the powerful formula, one application of Ecovet can last for up to three days. In certain climates that cause horses to sweat more, Ecovet can and will evaporate faster from what we found. Even on the hottest and most humid days, one application per day in our testing was enough to keep flies at bay.

For horses that are bug magnets or suffer from allergic reactions to insect bites, Ecovet recommends starting with twice daily applications focusing on the most troublesome areas, usually the mane, tail, head and belly, and then tapering off to less frequent applications. (Here is a helpful blog post on how to help severely allergic horses.)

Less is more with Ecovet. Because Ecovet is so effective, you can use less spray per application than you typically would when applying fly spray. That means each bottle lasts longer, and in a sport as expensive as horseback riding, every penny you can save matters.

To apply Ecovet, you spray a fine mist over the horse’s legs and belly, then a little on the top of the head (using a rag or applicator mitt to apply on the head is helpful). We also found in our testing that Ecovet works best on dry horses, so don’t spray it just after bathing or on super sweaty horse.

Top riders trust Ecovet. While Ecovet is a newer formula on the fly spray market, the word is out about how effective it is. Top event riders like Allison Springer, Jennifer McFall, Bobby Meyerhoff, and Jennifer Wooten trust Ecovet. Click here to read a slew of positive testimonials.

Have questions about Ecovet? Be sure to read the extensive FAQ on the Ecovet website, which includes detailed information about the formula and how to apply for maximum effectiveness.

Ecovet is currently available in the U.S. with retail pricing of $7.95 for an 8-ounce bottle, $26 for an 18-ounce bottle, and $140 for a 1-gallon refill. A little goes a long way, and the bottles have a lengthy shelf-life. Click here to purchase Ecovet online. And enter to win a bottle yourself via the Rafflecopter widget below!