10 MORE Things Equestrians Probably Shouldn’t Admit That We’ve Done

Normal people don’t understand what we do anyway, so we should probably play some of these close to the chest.

Original image from Canva/N.E./CC

As horse people, our tolerance for muck is a bit higher than that of others. We deal with manure regularly and then go on to enjoy our sandwiches, we go to the store looking like we’ve been through war and smelling like poo (literally) and we spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about our horses’ appetites and gastrointestinal tracts. Even so, there are still those things we probably shouldn’t admit to doing… but we do any way.

Last week we shared an article from 2015 as part of our weekly #TBT (Throwback Thursday, for those of you who don’t speak hashtag abbreviations) series. The post covered eight things equestrians have done but probably shouldn’t admit to doing. Not only was this original article awesome, but also our readers chimed in with a few more things that they’ve done. And, let’s be honest, if one person has done it, there’s a good chance that quite a few more have as well.

So here are 10 MORE things equestrians do that should probably fall under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” category:

1. Used our horses’ fly spray on ourselves (I mean, c’mon — we all do it, right?).

2. Used our horses’ skin care products on ourselves to treat our own fungi. If it gets rid of the ringworm, why not? AmIright?

3. Kept a container of Cowboy Magic on the dresser for our own flowing locks.

4. Licked a salt lick.

5. Tasted horse wormer.

6. Purchased horse liniment for ourselves.

7. Washed our hands in the stock tank.

8. Brought the mini in the house when the significant other is away.

9. Smelled a hoof to see if it smells like an abscess is draining.

10. Put ourselves on a course of SMZs to take care of a minor infection.

These list should probably be kept on file for your next game of Never Have I Ever…

What would you add to the list, Horse Nation? Go riding!