SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: SmartTherapy Products

With the introduction of their SmartTherapy line, SmartPak is offering innovative solutions for equine athletes designed to support performance and recovery.

Photo courtesy of SmartPak

Your horse is an athlete, and as such he needs to be able to perform and recuperate. SmartPak is pleased to introduce SmartTherapy™, a line of products offering therapeutic benefits designed to help your horse train better and recover faster.

SmartTherapy features ThermoBalanceä fabric to harness the therapeutic benefits of ceramic infused material to deliver targeted relief and accelerate recovery. “We are very excited to officially launch our SmartTherapy line,” said Carma Caughlan, chief marketing officer at SmartPak “We’ve worked closely with our team of product developers and riders to create a product that combines the latest in high performance fabric with thoughtful, innovative design features to help you take the best possible care of your horse.”

SmartTherapy leverages technology that is powered by the horse’s own body heat. The ThermoBalance ceramic-infused fabric reflects that heat, delivering soothing relief and increased circulation. This increased blood flow promotes the body’s natural healing process and may help decrease inflammation. The results of these benefits may lead to improved recovery and protection from oxidative stress. The SmartTherapy line includes a mesh sheet, saddle pads, and wraps.

The SmartTherapy Mesh Sheet will quickly become an integral part of your training program and a must-have for all disciplines and activity levels. The ThermoBalance ceramic-infused textile is strategically fabricated to cover the chest, shoulders, back, and hindquarters to warm and rejuvenate key muscle areas. The other areas of the sheet feature breathable mesh for venting and air flow, making the product ideal for year-round use. An available neck cover easily attaches to the mesh sheet to soothe tight, stiff necks and provide therapeutic benefits from head to tail.

From outside the ring, to under saddle, you can keep your horse feeling good with the SmartTherapy Saddle Pads. Designed to keep your horse’s back supple and loose with ThermoBalance, the pads offer an anatomical design for comfort, as well as an outer layer of ventilation. The saddle pads are available in all-purpose, dressage, and western styles.

Finally, the SmartTherapy Quick Wraps offer an all-in-one design with removable, washable ThermoBalance liners that encourage the body’s natural healing process for leg support. If you prefer a more traditional style wrap, the SmartTherapy line also offers No Bow Wraps with ThermoBalance fabric on both sides, which increase blood flow and improve recovery of your horse’s legs after training or during rehabilitation.

SmartTherapy is available exclusively at SmartPak. To learn more about the complete line of products, or to order any of the items listed above, visit or call 1-800-461-8898 and speak with a Horse Health Expert who can help you place your order and get your horse feeling his best.

Stay tuned — Horse Nation will be posting reviews of some of the SmartTherapy products soon. Go SmartPak, go SmartTherapy and go riding!