Ecovet Presents Mind Your Melon: Pony Racing

There’s nothing like a good gallop to clear your mind.

Unless, of course, it’s a good gallop with a group of friends… or against a group of friends. Okay, a race. There’s nothing like a good race to clear your mind and brighten your mood. These riders certainly seem to be enjoying theirs.

And they were smart enough to mind their melons! Remember to mind your melon, Horse Nation. Go riding!

Mind your melon videos showcase equestrians who have decided to protect their noggins by wearing a helmet. Do you have mind your melon submission to share? Send it to [email protected].

Ecovet fly spray creates a vapor barrier around your horse that confuses and overwhelms an insect’s normal directional ability. Thanks to this Ecovet barrier, the insect is unable to locate your horse as its next victim. Watch Ecovet in action: