Best of JN: Kevin Babington Gives Training Session to Gwyneth Babington on Mark Q

Wonderful news has arrived! At Babington Sales and Training, both Kevin Babington and his wife, Dianna Babington, are teaching in full force.

Kevin is incredibly detailed in his teaching but isn’t afraid to point out areas that may need help. However, he isn’t all critique — he is quick to praise, as well. Watch the video below as Kevin gives a training session to his daughter, Gwyneth Babington as she rides Mark Q at home.

Plans for virtual training are currently in the works with Babington Sales & Training. If virtual training is of interest to you, please email Jeff Papows (Chairman of Silver Oak Jumper Tournament) here, who is coordinating.  Thank you for supporting Kevin during his ongoing recovery.

Update 6/10 at 2:15pm CST: A reader informed us of these #KevinStrong face masks that support Kevin’s recovery. Click here to check them out — we all need masks for horse shows!