Reader Photo Challenge: 11 Horses in New Tack

These horses love their gear!

There’s nothing better that getting some new tack, except perhaps having your horse show off that new gear. So here are 11 horses clad in their new tack, making their owners proud.

My 14 month old friesian, Gryffindor💕, trying on his new harness before I put it away until he’s much older. Photo by Michelle von Schmidt-Pauli.

My horse Coach. His bridle is just as blingy as his halter. Rose gold is our thing. Photo by Victoria Tunis.

The new Champagne color in the Lemieux Loire Dressage pad is stunning in person. 🤩 Photo by Jessica Lund.

Susie looking great in her new fly stuff. Photo by Matthew Maiello.

Photo by Ciara Noelle Costley.

My daughter and Pasha enjoying their new hot pink saddle, boots, halter and reins! Photo by Natalie Leighton.

Shannon Donohue’s TNF Inara in a new bridle. Photo by Jen O’Brien.

Atlas, showing off his new bridle a few moths ago. Photo by Audrey Anderson.

Photo by Courtney Leckey Harrison.

Max in his new dressage bridle with his first bling browband⭐️ this completed our tack transition from hunter to dressage. Photo by Sarah Garber.

Zoey wearing my bosal I finally cleaned off. Photo by CitifiedCowgirl Photography.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!