SmartPak Monday Morning Food: Ask the Vet, May Edition (in June!)

SmartPak is always working to do its part to keep fans informed and their horses well. Today, we have SmartPak’s May edition of Ask the Vet… just a day late. Better late than never, right?

You asked and SmartPak answered! In this latest episode of Ask the Vet, Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Dan answer five new questions on topics like how to feed mini horses, dapples, carrot stretches, helping a horse cope with the loss of a pasture mate, why horses itch their faces and so much more!

Questions answered in this episode:

  1. What causes a horse to aggressively itch their legs when being worked? My sister’s two-year-old will dead stop when walking/trotting/loping and bow then aggressively run her face on her canon bones like they itch.
  2. Dapples. Why do some horses have them and not others? Why do dapples come and go? Are they really a sign of health?
  3. My horse lost his pasture mate today. I put another horse out with him, and he is still pacing and crying out. What are some ways I can help him cope with his loss?
  4. What are the benefits/risks of carrot stretching with your horse? How often should you do it to make a difference and common mistakes to avoid.
  5. When feeding a miniature horse, how do you balance keeping the gut full and keeping them at a good weight? I’ve had issues with colic in the past. I’ve heard giving them a little mineral oil as part of their diet helps, is this true? How big of a concern are ulcers, founder, and laminitis?

If you’re interested in learning more about the topics mentioned in the video, you can read or watch videos about them using the following resources:

Go SmartPak and Go Riding!