Reader Photo Challenge: 15 Artistic Renderings

We love our horses — so much so that we like to see renderings of them (of all sorts!) in our homes.

This week we asked readers to submit the artistic renderings they’ve received of their horses. We weren’t disappointed with the response. From oil to watercolor to acrylic to scratchboard to stained glass, here are 15 masterpieces of our readers’ horses.

Oil on canvas of Jessica Lund’s Morgan gelding done by Jeanne Newton Schoborg.

Artwork and photo by Dianne Goodwin.

Photo and artwork by Nenah Demunster.

Watercolor by Michelle Stuart.

Art and photo by Julie Hogarth.

Acrylic on paper by Steve Messenger.

Scratchboard portrait of another loved horse (now deceased). Photo by Natalie Langkopf.

Photo and artwork by Diane Comeau Harasimiuk.

Our ranch logo for the Folski Ranch with my baby American warmblood as the center, owned by Katie Wetteland. Artist is Grimshaw Creations.

I had this piece commissioned after losing this beautiful Arabian gelding to cancer in 2017. Photo by Noelle Snyder. Artwork by Laura Maloney.

Indy (my horse) and I make art together, this one happens to be a pretty old one that we did. He paints, I draw. Photo by Pam Vigo, artwork by Pam Vigo and Indy

My sweet Fjord, Thor. Photo and art by Pat Weeks.

My sweet gelding, Doctor’s Honor, painted by my lovely friend, Pam Burger, about a year after I lost him to colic. Photo by Harley Cozewith.

My wife had this done as a Christmas gift a few years back. This shows all three of the horses I have owned, Buster (my first horse, in the back), Duke (in the middle, who we helped pass a few years back due to illness), and King (in the front). Photo by Brian Williams, artwork by Oquendo Studios.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!