#TGIF, by Flexible Fit Equestrian: Hangin’ With Friends

Sometimes you just want to hang out with your pals — no matter what that entails.

With social distancing, our interactions with our friends has been somewhat altered. And even though wine and Zoom can still be good for the soul, there’s nothing quite like hanging out with your friends in person. You don’t quite get those weird and quirky moments that define friendship when you hang out virtually.

This horse and cat know what we mean. Their friendship looks a lot like how we might entertain ourselves withΒ ourΒ besties if we were in person. And even if you’re not quite this creative in how you hang around,Β the friendship between these animal pals is sure to make you smile.

Thank goodness it’s Friday, Horse Nation! We hope you get to enjoy some entertaining moments with your friends — virtually or otherwise — this weekend.

Go Riding!

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Go Flexible Fit Equestrian USA andΒ go riding!