Reader Photo Challenge: 6 DIY Equestrians

Tack trunks and lockers and jumps — oh my!

Horse people are notoriously inventive. We can fix or create nearly anything with baling twine and duct tape. However, get out some actual tools and supplies, and it’s amazing what we can come up with. Check out these six DIY horsey projects.

The fanciest tack trunk…solid maple, with inlay and it even lights up! Photo by Aimee Landry.

My COVID-19 project. First time building my own jumps. Photo by Miranda Hassler.

The tack locker my husband made for me! Photo by Molly Babcock Forney.

My husband refurbished my first tack box and added the stall plate from my favorite horse that passed away in December. Photo by Erin Connelly.

My dad made me this amazing bit/harness box for my birthday. ❤️Photo by Jamie Maguire.

I build my own cross country jumps. This is my latest creation build out of scrap wood and a broken telephone pole. Jumps great and is move able. 😉Photo by Lea Ditte Marsk Lauridsen.

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Go riding!