Horse Riders’ COVID-19 Wellness Chart

Still separated from her barn and beloved schooling horse, Candace Wade finds other means of entertainment.

As an “ever-student-mature-rider” shut out from riding and the gym, I doodled around on the internet and found MYPlate for Older Adults (Tufts University). You know, it’s the usual pie chart (sans pie!) thing showing the fruits, veggies, dairy, grains, etc. we are supposed to eat. What about us horse riders locked away from our horses and all that that implies? Huh? What about us?

So, . . . I created my own Wellness Chart.

Chart created by Candace Wade

All sections above supply nourishment – for the riders’ soul, if not the belly. Okay, add peanut butter on whole grain bread. What else would you put on this chart?