Photo Challenge: Sweet 16!

Our readers like to celebrate their horses’ birthdays almost as much as their own!

This week we wanted to see how you celebrate your horses’ birthdays. From hats to balloons to cakes to spa days, our readers did not disappoint! Here are 16 horses enjoying their birthday celebrations… or at least tolerating their owners’ antics.

Our unicorn is truly a unicorn, celebrating his 18th birthday on National Unicorn Day. Photo by Morgan Osbaldeston.

My horse Zoodles always celebrated with cake and a party hat. Photo by Spode Wolff.

Kingsley turned 5 last Friday. He had a cupcake and got to wear the new birthday hat. Photo by Kristye Lewis.

This was from my boy’s last birthday before he passed at 28. Photo by Ashley Mason.

When I was still boarding my mare, Scooter, she was part of a lesson program and we would have a birthday party for her every year. The kids would make birthday cards for her and decorate her stall. We’d play games with some of the other horses like Apple Bobbing races and in-hand obstacle courses. I’d make cupcakes for the kids and bring carrots for the ponies. This photo is from 2012. Photo by Anita Kennedy.

Birthday Tierra. Rest in Peace my dear Thunder. Photo by Jeffrey Lesitsky.

SHY gets a cake every year….aaaannnd sometimes a human cake too for everyone in the barn to enjoy 🤣🤣 may 5th she is turning 20!!! Gonna have to bake up some special treats for the big day!! Photo by Melissa Iozzo.

Happy Sweet 16 Debonair! Photo by Courtney Leckey Harrison.

My TB mare, Sarah, on her 21st birthday, April 26. Photo by Elizabeth Moyer.

This was for Nicks 23rd birthday! He turned 25 this year. ❤️Photo by Tanya Lyn.

Milo got a beer for his bday last week. 🍻Photo by Jayme Nault.

I made my horse a carrot cake birthday cake for his 6th birthday a few years ago. When I got him he didn’t like any treats, but now he is the carrot monster. Photo by Lexi Poteat.

Aspen’s 20th birthday. Photo by Taylor Mason.

Sophie wasn’t 100% happy about her birthday celebration. She stood like a rock, but those nostrils tell a different story! Photo by Jodie Carlson.

Cash turned 32 on April 27th! He has taught many many kids to ride <3 Photo by Amy Deskins.

Caliber never minded the birthday shenanigans I put him through. Photo by Robin Cordell.

Happy birthday and go riding!

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