Happy Birthday to Equestrian, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Lifelong horse-lover, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turns 94 today. 

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has turned 94 years young today, and she is still in fantastic health. The Queen sometimes surprises me with her clever quips in conversation, and she is definitely creative in her methods of secret communication to her staff (ie, putting her handbag on the table while at a dinner party means it’s time to go home). It’s also fantastic that as an avid equestrian and long appreciator of horses, she continues to ride! She can frequently be sighted hacking around the grounds with her head groom, Terry Pendry. Here is a compilation of Her Majesty with her horses. Scroll on!

Out enjoying a hack recently!

The Queen’s carriage horses have turnout that’s on point!

I’m pretty sure this was the same pony who tried to eat her flower bouquet once…

Happy Birthday!