Photo Challenge: 14 Looks That Kill

These horses have the look…

For this week’s reader photo challenge, we wanted to see your expressive horses. You know the ones. Their facial expressions leave no doubt about how they feel about doing work, their pasture mates, your hairstyle, having bows put on their heads, quarantine and, well, everything. It appears that our readers have no lack of goofy, annoyed, expressive horses. Here are 14 horses whose faces tell us everything we need to know.

My mare Holly would like everyone to keep socially distant from her…especially if they are considering working her! Photo by Tiffany Gook.

Britomartis is a master at the Molly mule glare. Here she was mad I kept going up and down the cliff. Photo by Matthew Maiello.

Before lesson mood. Photo by Alycia Skye Bardon.

Flash, the miniature therapy horse. Photos by Kristye Lewis.

Photo by Jean Connoyer Black Horse Photography.

Photo by Courtney Leckey Harrison.

How Duncan feels about fly weather being back and the mask his mom got him on sale. Photo by Amanda Dieterich-Ward.

I called him fat. As in too fat for his new girth. Photo by Jackie DeSpirito.

Billy says this is crazy. Photo by Anonda Rae.

I love my kitty so much! Photo of Sara and Squirty by Amy Dulan.

Photo by Diane Keith Photography.

At almost 29 years old, Bobo wishes he could finally be retired from selfie-taking. Photo by Traci Beaudette.

“I rolled in the mud!” Photo by Carole Parsons.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.