Corona Chick, Corona Cartel: Corona Isn’t a New Phenomenon in AQHA

The news is all coronavirus all the time (as it should be). But here are some other famous Coronas from the horse world.

Lately, our lives have been consumed and drastically changing due to the coronavirus. It seems that everywhere we look COVID-19 is the only thing anyone is discussing. Scrolling through our social media feeds, flipping through television channels or merely talking on the phone to a friend, this phrase is bound to rear its ugly head.

However, in the realm of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), Corona has been famous for a much different reason. It’s been a prominent name on papers and in bloodlines for years, but how did this come to be? I can assure you it wasn’t the virus that has us all fighting over toilet paper is not the reason.

It all started with an AQHA mare who was born in 1989, Corona Chick. This mare, after having a rough start to racing, was the beginning of the key word that has now made its way into many AQHA horse registries. She started out explosive and hard to handle. She threw her riders and her first chance at a successful racing career before becoming a racehorse that was a force to reckon with.

However, the small and quick mare went on to win eight consecutive races after that and won five out of six races the following season. Corona Chick is now known as one of the greatest AQHA racehorses and broodmares. She was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 2015. Corona Chick earned $591,326 and produced 16 foals. These 16 foals earned a combined total of $3,625,157. Below are some of her foals that have the term “Corona” in their names, keeping her legacy alive.

  • Corona Czech (1997)
  • Howelling Corona (2007)

  • Corona Caliente (2000)
  • Corona Cartel (1994)

Corona Chick’s foal, Corona Cartel, went on to become a legendary racehorse and sire. In his 14 race career, Corona Cartel earned $557,142. At his time of death, December 18, 2019, he had 1,862 foals registered earning a combined total of $62.8 million. When he was alive, Corona Cartel was the second leading living sire of racing Quarter Horses behind First Down Dash. Several of his get with Corona in their names are:

  • Jess Macho Corona (2016)

  • Corona by Corona (2016)
  • Corona Required (2017)
  • Corona Finish (2018)
  • Lethal Corona (2011)

  • Code Name Corona (2015)
  • Coronas Fast Dash (2005)
  • Vegas Corona (2017)
  • High On Corona (2002)

  • Eye For Corona (2005)
  • Hot Corona Smoothie (2013)
  • Guyz French Corona (2015)

  • KVN Corona (2015)

  • Fantastic Corona Jr (2006)
  • Coronas First Diva (2014)

  • Coronas Leaving You (2005)
  • Open Me A Corona (2010)

  • Hot Corona (2002)
  • Corona Cash (1995)
  • Mighty Corona (2006)

  • Fast Dash N Corona (2013)
  • Merry For Corona (2011)

Corona Cartel still has his 2020 crop to remind the world just how great he and his dam, Corona Chick, were. Rumor has it that this stallion’s connections have reserved the name Coronavirus for one of his 2020 foals. We will be eager to see which of these foals gets the name and how successful it will be.

Now, stay away from your television and social media feeds, grab a Corona with lime and think about all the things you can do with your horse once our stall rest is over.