Rehabbing Funny Bunny B’s Injury: What Are the Best Sport Boots?

Help! What’s your favorite sport boot?

If you’ve been following the series about Funny Bunny B’s complex injury, you know he’s been on a long road to recovery. If you haven’t had the chance to read about the nightmare, here’s a recap: On October 7, 2019, Funny Bunny B (Buns) sustained an injury to his right hind leg. He has a fracture, torn tendon and soft tissue damage.

On his journey to recovery I, along with In Stable Hands, have faced many challenges and educational topics that I have been sharing. We’ve faced and discussed proud flesh, his fracture, the tendon damage and maintaining a healthy weight. I’ve discussed a particular day where Buns decided it was a good idea to jump the round pen and pull down his stall front in a 24 hour period and kept viewers up to date on vet check ups.

In my last few articles,  I told you the reasons why I have gone through such extensive care with Buns, rather than thinking about the option of putting him down. I’ve discussed the frustrations of having an injured horse and I recognized horses I’ve had the opportunity of riding while Buns has been healing. In this article I’m turning to the readers for your opinions and testimonies on the best sport boots on the market.

Photo by Justin Whitesell

Buns is going to be back into light riding very soon and I want to make sure his tendon and leg get the support they need when he goes back to work. I don’t care the color or the price, I want the best functioning boot for Buns. Buns has provided me with more than any other horse I’ve owned and he deserves the best product to keep him pain free and to help limit the risk of re-injury.

Below is a list of different brands of equine sport boots along with what I have heard about them. I would like your input on which you all have found to be the best boots on the market.

Professional’s Choice

Professional’s Choice Sport Boots are the best-selling boot brand on the market. They are said to be easy to use and well made. A con I have heard, however, is they don’t release heat very well and can keep the horse’s leg warm.

Tough 1

Tough 1 Sport Boots are the inexpensive option. They’re neoprene, vented and said to be easy to clean. However, I have heard that the Velcro on them is stiff which makes them more difficult to apply and remove.

Classic Equine

Classic Equine Sport Boots are well known with western riders and are said to be preferred over other brands for western events. This is because they are made with perforated neoprene, a shock absorbing splint pad and a ballistic skid cup. These boots are said to be durable, breathable and secure. The only downfall I’ve heard related to these boots is that applying them can take some getting used to.


If I had to choose right now, these boots would probably be the brand I would choose. I like their extra supportive feature with the crossing bottom straps. I have read testimony after testimony of riders using these boots for horses after injury and the general consensus is that these boots provide a significant amount of support to the leg, tendons and ligaments. The only con I have heard about these boots is that the Velcro loses it’s stickiness fairly soon.

Back on Track Royal Tendon Boots

Back on Track … need I say more? This company has gone above and beyond with all of their products so I would expect their sport boots to be nothing less than stellar. But, I don’t just want their regular sport boot for Buns. I want the upgraded Royal Tendon Boots. These sport boots have a hard casing outer layer with a soft neoprene inner fabric that is said to decrease discomfort in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints with it’s Welltex technology. Just that alone makes me want to order a set of these, like yesterday.

Pro Orthopedic

This sport boot, like the Iconoclast sport boot also has the crossing bottom straps. These crossing straps give the ability to adjust the angle  which adjust the amount support given to the horse. These boots are said to be a more low profile boot but that does not affect the functionality of them. Pro Orthopedic definitely has the biggest selection in color and design of boot and straps with the option to customize your boots.

With so many options on the market, you can see why I could use some advice before I choose which sport boot. Please, by all means, state your opinions on what you’ve found as to be the best sport boot brand on the market. I don’t want just any boots for Buns, I want the best boots!