Free Concert by Star Stable’s Amanda Örtenhag

Looking for something for your horse-loving, video-gaming teen/tween to do this afternoon? Why not a free concert on Instagram?

Photo courtesy of Star Stable Entertainment

Star Stable Entertainment, creator of digital games, original music and fantasy books filled with magic and adventure for girls around the world, is hosting a live and free concert on Instagram this Friday, March 27 at 4 pm ET/ 1 pm PT.  Add the Star Stable concert to your list of fun things to keep tween/teens entertained as they adjust to the new normal in today’s world. There will be live chats with Star Stable personalities, so concert-goers can connect with each other and talk about their favorite songs while enjoying a live performance by their favorite Star Stable songwriter/singer.

WHEN:      Friday, March 27, 2020 * 4 pm ET/ 1 pm PT

WHERE:    Instagram

WHAT:      Join millions of tween/teen girls around the globe for a LIVE, online music concert by Star Stable’s Amanda Örtenhag, the voice/singer of the leading in-game character Soul Rider Lisa Peterson. Just like you, Amanda is sheltered at home and is getting stir-crazy, so she wants to share her music and will perform LIVE from her kitchen in Stockholm. EVERYONE is invited!

WHY:         Teen/tween girls from around the country and around the world are looking for ways to connect with each other and create shared memories even while apart. Star Stable hopes to unite millions of its teen/tween girl fans around the world with a live concert that reminds today’s youth they are not alone, inspires them to take good care of themselves and each other and encourages them to break for fun.

WHO:        The Star Stable game characters “come to life” and are uniquely represented with real-life talent and original songs that can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and more.  Lisa Peterson was the first Star Stable character to record and publish music outside the game, propelling her from a game character into a legitimate musician. Lisa Peterson is voiced by Amanda Örtenhag, an accomplished musician based in Sweden. Star Stable Music is the first recording label to sign her as an independent artist.

About Star Stable Entertainment
Star Stable Entertainment is a global entertainment company that creates the magical world of Jorvik, which is discovered by millions of girls around the world via digital games, a book series and original music. The flagship product is the online horse adventure game Star Stable, where players care for horses, face challenges and build friendships. Star Stable Online is available in 180 countries and 15 languages; and it sees half a million active players each month. Star Stable Entertainment was founded in 2011 in Stockholm.