New Fantasy Trilogy Released for Horse-Loving Young Adults

The magical world of Star Stable releases a new trilogy: “Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling.”

Soul Riders — Castle. Photo courtesy of Star Stable.

Star Stable Entertainment, creator of digital games and original music filled with magic and adventure for girls around the world, extends its global brand by launching the first book in an all new fantasy-trilogy called Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling. The book is based on the popular online horse adventure game Star Stable, played by millions globally, and invites readers to explore the game’s magical world of Jorvik in an entirely new way. Star Stable: Jorvik Calling is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, will appear at the Nickelodeon SlimeFest in Los Angeles later this year and goes on sale today at additional retailers including Baker and Taylor, Ingram and many independent bookstores.

Photo courtesy of Star Stable.

“Launching a trilogy of fantasy books based on the Star Stable story fulfills our long-term strategy to engage our players wherever their interests lie and further supports our vision to be a global entertainment company,” said Taina Malen, Chief Business Development Officer for Star Stable Entertainment. “Star Stable: Jorvik Calling captures the heart of Star Stable and is another way for teens and tweens to hear the message that is so important to us: you can be the hero of your own adventure.”

Photo courtesy of Star Stable.

Introducing a book series based on the Star Stable digital game is an evolution of the company’s 10-year journey creating unique content that appeals to creative and adventurous teen/tween girls:

  • Star Stable Books: Star Stable Books brings the magical world of Jorvik to life for young readers around the world. The first in the series, Star Stable: Jorvik Calling, takes the all-girl team of heroes called Soul Riders on an adventurous journey to save Jorvik together. Readers can follow the Soul Riders as each of them forge a special bond with their horses, unlock their own power, and discover their destiny to save the world. Each girl is not only a hero in her own right, but also complex and relatable, with struggles and triumphs that are sure to resonate with readers. Star Stable: Jorvik Calling is recommended for ages 9-14, and is for any young reader who enjoys magical adventure books even if they’ve never played Star Stable Online. It retails for $8.99.
  • Star Stable Music: Star Stable Entertainment’s music directive was launched early 2019 with the release of original songs produced by Star Stable’s own music department. Star Stable Music brings the in-game artists and bands to life, and spans country, pop and rock genres. The first release was for one of the game’s most popular characters, Soul Rider Lisa Peterson; the second release was for rock-band The Miscreants. Star Stable Music is distributed on nearly 40 music sites including iTunes and Spotify.
  • Star Stable Online: Star Stable Online is the company’s flagship product. It is an online horse adventure game that inspires girls around the world to discover adventure, ignite creativity and build friendships. The heart and soul of Star Stable is the community of millions of girls around the world who play the online game centered in the magical world of Jorvik where players care for horses, face challenges and build friendships.

About Star Stable Entertainment
Star Stable Entertainment is a global entertainment company that creates the magical world of Jorvik, which is discovered by millions of girls around the world via digital games, a book series and original music. The flagship product is the online horse adventure game Star Stable, where players care for horses, face challenges and build friendships. Star Stable Online is available in 180 countries and 15 languages; and it sees half a million active players each month. Star Stable Entertainment was founded in 2011 in Stockholm.